External Evaluation Procedure – Change of Rating

The ARACIS Council held in 21.10.2010 approved the Change of rating procedure for external evaluation.

Quality evaluation activities guide for university study programmes and for higher education institutions:


Part I - Study programmes (Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees) accreditation external evaluation
* stage I - study programmes temporary authorisation external evaluation (programme authorisation)
* stage II - study programmes accreditation external evaluation (programme accreditation)

Part II - Institutional authorisation/accreditation external evaluation

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Part III – Academic quality external evaluation of accredited higher education institution

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Modifications of the Guide (29.01.2009)

Modifications of the Guide (25.11.2010)

Part IV – External evaluation of Teaching staff training departments (TSTD)

ARACIS_Guideline for periodic external evaluation of the fields of study for the Master degrees_approved in October 2017

ARACIS ENAEE Evaluation Sheet

ARACIS ENAEE External evaluation Methodology

ARACIS ENAEE Guidelines for self evaluation

ARACIS ENAEE Standards and guidelines

The evaluation procedure starts with the transmission by ARACIS of the Demand to initiate evaluation procedures.

The Government Decision no. 1731/2006 established the way of calculating fees for each type of evaluation. In compliance with the Decision of ARACIS Council’s Executive Board, for a reference fee of RON 3743, the fees established as of 1st November 2007, are presented in the file below.


Internal evaluation reports sent for evaluation to the “Romanian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education” shall be registered in hard copy. For the appendices, 3 CDs shall also be submitted for the study of speciality commissions.
The files are bound in cardboard covers. The files’ sheets shall be numbered in the right upper corner. For files composed of several volumes, the sheets shall be numbered starting with number one for each volume.
At the end of the file, the following shall be written: “This file contains …. sheets” in figures and between parentheses, in letters, and then the signature and date of certification. (Law on National Archives no. 16/IV/1996).

Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct approved by ARACIS Council on September 28, 2017