About QAR Magazine

About QAR Magazine


Quality Assurance Review for Higher Education (QAR) is an academic publication focusing on quality assurance in the Romanian higher education. The magazine aims at becoming a tool in order to facilitate good practice transfer and communication between internal and external experts and to contribute to the promotion of quality assurance culture development. QAR addresses those who are interested in the theory, practice and policies from the above-mentioned field.

Editors encourage the proposal for publication of the research’s results, especially of those evaluating the impact of quality assurance systems, procedures and methodologies. Moreover, the magazine also approaches theoretical analyses of higher education quality, comparative evaluations and international issues of policies and practices focusing on the identification of methods, systems and transferable good practice. The magazine has the following ISSN codes: ISSN 2066-9119 and ISSN 2069-2188 (online version).

QAR is indexed in the following international catalogues and databases: EBSCO, J-Gate and UrlichsWeb.

E-mail: qar@aracis.ro