Analytical approaches to methods and tools for quality assessment for higher education

1. Ranking the Romanian Departments of Sociology. Comparative results of different evaluation methodologies

Mihai Păunescu, Gabriel-Marian Hâncean

2. The underfunding of higher education in Romania. An institutional approach

Adrian Miroiu, Mircea Țeca

* published in Romanian

3. Governance of Higher Education: Funding Reforms in CEE countries. Perspectives, Challenges and Trends

Ioana Ciucanu

4. Evaluating organizational change in higher education funding – the case of the Romanian Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding

Alexandru Clain

* published in Romanian

5. Sharing common resources: cooperation, partnerships, competition and opportunistic behavior in accessing SOPHRD funding for doctoral schools

Mihaela Coșescu

* published in Romanian

6. Quality assurance of human resources in higher education

Monica Pușcaș

* published in Romanian


Practices and experiences of Romanian higher education institutions regarding internal quality assurance

7. Demographic factors in assesing quality in higher education: gender differences regarding the satisfaction level of the perceived academic service quality

Diana Ivana, Diana Pitic, Mihaela Drăgan

8. Research about the attention that university management is paying to internal quality assurance processes – case study

Delia Gologan

* published in Romanian

9. Quality means doing it right when no one is looking

Anca Prisăcariu

10.The quality of university management and quality management in University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Banat, Timișoara

Ioana Bălan, Camelia Tulcan

* published in Romanian


Community development

11.CEENQA workshop: „Benchmarking and Other Best Practicies in Quality Assurance: an international perspective”, Bucharest, 31 may 2013