ARACIS Evaluation by ENQA

Evaluation 2018

The review panel:

David William Cairns (Chair, quality assurance professional -ENQA nominee)

Agnes Leinweber (Secretary, quality assurance professional - ENQA nominee)

Hannele Marjatta Niemi (Academic - EUA nominee)

Simona Dimovska (Student - ESU nominee)

Letter from the ENQA Board – result of the evaluation (13.09.2018)

ENQA External Review Report of ARACIS (2018)

ARACIS Self-assessment Report_November 2017

Annexes_ARACIS Self-assessment Report_November 2017

Annex I Terms of reference ENQA coordinated review ARACIS


Previous evaluations

ARACIS Evaluation by ENQA from 2013

The review panel:

- Dr. David Cairns (Quality Assurance Research for Higher Education Ltd, Great Britain, president),

- Dr. Nieves Pascual (Andalusian Agency of Knowledge, Department of  Evaluation and Accreditation (AAC-DEVA), Spain, secretary),

- Professor Dezsö Sima (Obuda University, Hungary),

- Dr. Norma Ryan (European University Association (EUA),

- Anca Mărgineanu (nominated by ESU, Romania)


ENQA_final_report_on_ARACIS (2013)


Communication with ENQA

Letter from the ENQA Board – result of the evaluation (28.10.2013)

ARACIS Progress Report (30.09.2015)

Clarification request from ENQA regarding the Progress report (20.11.2015)

ARACIS response to the clarification request (27.01.2016)

Communication with EQAR

Letter from EQAR – result regarding listing (22.05.2014)

Substantive Changes Report (03.03.2016)

Clarification request from EQAR regarding the Substantive Changes Report (18.05.2016)

ARACIS response to the clarification request (06.06.2016)

Letter from EQAR regarding the Substantive Changes Report (05.09.2016)


ARACIS Evaluation by ENQA from 2009

The review panel:

- Prof. György Bazsa (Hungarian Accreditation Committee, Hungary, president),

- Obe de Vries (Dutch Inspectorate of Education, Netherlands, secretar),

- Prof. Jacques Willems (Ghent University, Belgium),

- Stefan Delplace (nominated by EURASHE, Belgium),

- Koen Geven (nominated by ESU, Netherlands)

ENQA_final_report_on_ARACIS (2009)

ARACIS progress report for ENQA






International review of ARACIS by ESU from 2008



Within the international review of ARACIS, as an element of continuous quality assurance and improvement, the Agency was submitted to an international institutional review by ESU – the European Students’ Union, by means of which students’ representatives evaluated the way ARACIS fulfils the European Standards and Guidelines – ESG.

ESU team of evaluators consisted of: :

-Koen Geven, former ESU President, Student in Political Science in Holland;

-Katja Kamsek - Slovenia;;

-Viorel Proteasa - Romania.


International review of ARACIS by EUA during 2007-2008

EUA team of experts consisted of:


- Prof. Jurgen KOHLER - Germany: Private Law Professor at GREIFSWALD University, former Rector of Greifswald University during 1994 – 2000. During 2005 – 2007, he was Chair of the German Accreditation Council. He is member of the Council of Europe’s Steering Committee for Higher Education and Research, as representative of German universities, he is member of EUA Board, in the field of institutional evaluations. He is also co-editor of "Handbooks on Quality Assurance" and " Bologna Process", member of various commissions of evaluation/accreditation of study programmes and higher education institutions/quality assurance agencies.

- Lesley Wilson – Great Britain: EUA Secretary General, former director of UNESCO -CEPES and of Tempus Office.

- Thierry Malan - France: Honorary Inspector General of administration of Education and Research in France, graduate of ENA - Ecole Nationale de l'Administration – Paris, and worked in the field of quality assurance and evaluation in higher education

- Lewis PURSER – Ireland: Director for Academic Affairs at the Irish Universities Association, and institutional evaluator within EUA since 1998.


In compliance with ESG provisions, the expert panel drew up a Review Report that was publicly launched on 15 September 2008, in the Stoicescu Hall of the Faculty of Law within Bucharest University.


Independent evaluation of ARACIS activity during 2006-2007

Piloting the “External evaluation methodology, reference standards and list of performance indicators” by ARACIS, during the academic year 2006-2007, as well as other activities initiated and completed by ARACIS in this period, were submitted to an external evaluation carried out on a contract-basis, by an independent pool of Romanian experts gathered in the “Monitoring Committee”.

The Monitoring Committee consisted of:

- Prof. Mircea Miclea, Ph.D. – “Babeș-Bolyai” University Cluj-Napoca;

- Prof. Mihai Korka, Ph.D. – The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies;

- Prof. Smaranda Angheni, Ph.D. – “Titu Maiorescu” University Bucharest;

- Prof. Luminița Nicolescu, Ph.D. - The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies;

- Bogdan Florian, Ph.D. Candidate – State University of Political and Administrative Studies of Bucharest.

It elaborated an “Independent evaluation report of ARACIS activity in the pilot period of applying the External evaluation methodology of quality assurance” (briefly, the Independent evaluation report), which was analysed by ARACIS Council and by the Monitoring Committee in their joint meeting (on 4 October 2007). The Independent evaluation report’s content was assumed by the members of ARACIS Council. Starting from this Report’s conclusions, ARACIS Council drew up a Plan of measures in order to improve the quality of ARACIS activity.

At the same time, ARACIS has drawn up and is currently publishing the Statement on its mission and objectives, in compliance with similar European agencies’ practice.